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We are Paperclip, a plug & play product design team for your startup. We help startups create better products and innovate faster.

We do

Paperclip design for food talk app.

Digital product design

We help startups replace the guesswork with real tangible process. Every design project at Paperclip includes building a design system and a styleguides to create a uniform, consistant user experience across platforms.


Driven by Just enough research philosophy, we don't let research slow us down.


Creating a pixel perfect, interactive prototype of the solution based on research.


We organize testing sessions with users to identify problems at prototype level.

Paperclip design for food talk app.

Design Sprints

We use Google Venture's design sprints to compress potentially months of work in a week. It's a tightly focused 5 day process for rapidly solving big challanges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. Design sprints are also the fastest way of finding out if a product/feature is worth developing.

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Whether you are an individual building a product from scratch or a startup serving millions of customer, we can help you deliver the best experience your users can have.

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