“The best kind of design isn’t necessarily an object, a space or a structure: it’s a process – dynamic and adaptable.”
— Don Norman

1.  Discover

The first step in the our process is to explore and learn as much as possible about the client, solution, users and market they operate in. We create and compile this knowledge into documents for referencing throughout the lifecycle of project.

2.  Define

With all the insight from our research at our disposal, we start working with you on defining the best solution. We create information architecture, site-maps and user journeys to create a practical and delightful solution.

3.  Design

All of our design starts with paper (We love Crazy 8 method to explore possibilities) before even creating wireframes. We create pixel-perfect, high-fidelity designs as well as interactive prototypes with every interaction detailed.

4.  Validate

We work very closely with end-users at every stage of design process. For us, validation means a delighted and satisfied user. A/B testing at wireframing level help us right choices from beginning.

5.  Hand-off

We work with tech teams to bring a designed solution to life. Be it automated hand-offs to developers or creating a style-guide to make sure all the future changes are in-sync, we got you covered until final product is deployed!

We don't believe product design is a black-box, stand-alone activity. Instead, we believe in colloborations. The success of any colloboration depends on communication and that's why we have developed "design in document first" methodology. Send us a message to start chatting with us: